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Xilin bottle washing machine and sterilization tunnel

Xilin bottle cleaning machine and sterilization tunnel

FAW 1005 Fully Automatic Cylinder Bottle Cleaner is manufactured by B+S Company of Germany. The surface of the equipment is stainless steel, which is smooth and easy to clean. The material of the part contacted with the cleaning medium is 316L stainless steel. The machine can clean multi-specification medicinal bottles by changing the cleaning position mould. The cleaning capacity of the machine can reach 7000 units per hour. It is equipped with a circulating water station. The cleanliness of the product after washing can meet the requirements of aseptic injections after cleaning the bottles with filtered compressed air.

DHT 2431 fully automatic dry-heat sterilization tunnel is manufactured by German B+S company. The surface of the equipment is clean and the internal structure is reasonable and compact. The high temperature resistant material is used inside the tunnel, which ensures the long-term working temperature of the equipment can reach 350 C and the sterilization effect of the cillin bottle. The internal cooling air is filtered through the filter to enter the box to avoid the influence of the sterilizer. The operation interface is simple, and the sterilization of medical bottles with multiple specifications can be realized through modification of operation procedures.


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