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5.0m2 freeze dryer

5.0m2 freeze-drying machine

This machine is manufactured by BOC EDWARDS Company, USA. It has SIP and CIP functions, which ensures the cleanliness and sterilization of the inner part of the box. The control system of this machine can be controlled remotely by computer, which is easy to operate. The software has password protection. The man-machine interface is simple. It is easy for the operator to revise the program and monitor the running status of the equipment. This machine has a good safety protection device to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel operation.

7 M2 freeze-drying machine

This machine is manufactured by Italian IMA LIFE Company. It has compact structure, small floor area and high automation control function. It is easy to operate through the special software of computer system. At the same time, the inner plate is movable, which can upgrade and connect the automatic feeding and discharging system to realize the complete automatic feeding and discharging process without interference.


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