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Social Welfare

The company helped reconstruct Zhonglun Park
On the early morning of September 15th, a super typhoon "Morandi" attacked Xiamen on every front, causing the city's massive trees lodging and devastated. All of our company's biological parks and adjacent Zhonglun Park are the hardest-hit areas by the typhoon.
After the catastrophe, the company promoted the leadership and quickly organized employees to carry out self-saving work. Everyone worked together and made concerted efforts. After several days of fighting, the clearing and remediation work of lush trees in the biological park was basically completed on the 21st.
On the 22nd, the company actively supported the reconstruction of Zhonglun Park and organized a team with a dozen people to carry out the three-day clearing and remediation work in the park. It was widely acclaimed by the Park Management Office and the community.

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