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Chairman’s Address

The 21st century is a century of bio-economy, proud of the dawn of the era of bio-economy! As early as 1998, I had predicted that by 2020, mankind will enter the era of bioeconomy and to develop a bioeconomy that will be relevant to the survival and development of mankind in addressing the human beings such as population, health, food, environment, energy, oceans and biological security, etc. Major issues provide a strong guarantee. At present, the tide of bio-economy is sweeping the globe and the dawn of the bio-economy era is beginning to emerge. We believe that China will certainly make a difference in the era of bio-economy and the bio-economy will help make China's dream come true.
     The unnamed medicine is a key backbone enterprise of the biomedical segment of Peking University's unnamed group. In June 2015, approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission and reorganized by Zibo Wanchang Technology Co., Ltd. and Unnamed Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., it is the sole listed company and capital operation platform of the unnamed group, shouldering the unnamed One of the Group's three major dreams is to solve the mission of China's health issue. To solve the health problems in China, one is to establish a health product supply system through the development of the biomedical industry; the other is to establish a health service system with Chinese characteristics through the development of modern Chinese medicine; and the third is to establish a health and well-being system through the implementation of good health management practices (GHPs) Management system.
     Looking ahead, the unnamed medicine will uphold the lofty philosophy of "rejuvenating the country through science and education, providing industry to serve the nation and health and strengthening the country", adhering to the development train of thought of "finding opportunities in the process, solving problems in development and benefiting from innovation", and through the establishment of concept innovation , System innovation, science and technology innovation, product innovation, market innovation, management innovation and other six innovation systems, and constantly improve the company's core competitiveness. It is determined to cultivate a leading enterprise, trigger an industrial revolution, explore the path of innovation in world economic development, explore the path of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and explore the contribution of mankind in the sustainable development of peace.

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